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Cross-Server Arena

Not enough awesome zombie action on your server? Try the Cross-Server Arena!

▪ In the interface click ‘Start Matching’ and the system will automatically find an opponent whose level and rank are closest to yours. Once a match is chosen, opponent’s basic information will be displayed. When the countdown is over, battle begins. If opponent is not found within 30 seconds, players need to begin the matching process again. 

▪ The first 15 battles give players Merit as a reward. No reward will be given afterwards. Players will be rewarded with 100 Merit for a win and 20 if they lose. As an incentive to play more the first 5 battles will give players extra 100 Merit whether they win or lose. Cheddar can be used to buy more Arena attempts, attempts reset every day at midnight. Fleeing a battle will count as an instant loss and still use up one attempt.

▪ Your current Merit and the Merit required to be promoted to the next military rank will be displayed within the event interface. The 10 ranks in ascending order are: Dish Scraper, Floor Sweeper, Salad Dresser, Phone Answerer, Delivery Dynamo, Dough Roller, Pie Tosser, Sauce Spreader, Supreme Commander. Each rank has its own unique badge. 

▪ Each rank is divided into 10 levels. For example, Dish Scraper is divided into R10 Dish Scraper, R9 Dish Scraper, R8 Dish Scraper and so on. R10 Dish Scraper is the highest Dish Scraper rank.