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​Level 38 players can access Delivery missions through this icon   at the upper right hand corner of the home city. 
Delivery mission offer Gold and Honor as a reward for delivering goods to a certain destination. Click on “Reset Quality” to randomly upgrade the quality of the delivery goods. Higher quality goods yield greater delivery rewards. Click on “Start Delivery” to begin the delivery process. Players can click on Proceed to advance the delivery one step (comes with a cooldown time) or can complete the journey in one click using Cheddar. 
Goods can be intercepted and stolen by other players so fight for the rewards! Or steal them off other players and prosper from their loss. 
To intercept all you need to do is look in the event interface to see who is making a delivery.  Then click intercept to attack them and attempt to steal their goods. 
The delivery mission will be completed when the player arrives at the final destination.