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Types of Equipment

Each character has 12 equipment slots (6 large slots and 6 small slots) which contain the following: Helm, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Eyewear, Necklace, Medal, Ring, Wrist Band, and Accessory. Equipment can be reforged to improve its quality. After reforging a piece of equipment, it will have greatly improved attributes. It is also possible to enchant equipment to a higher level, also greatly improving its attributes.

Enchanting Equipment

To enchant you equipment, click the Enchant button, located on the bottom toolbar. Unlocked at level 14, enchanting equipment increases the basic attributes of equipment. It also improves the attributes gained from socketing gems. The increase is based on a certain percentage. The higher the enchantment level, the higher the percentage. It is therefore recommended to focus on enchanting equipment that has higher initial attributes.

Reforging Equipment

Equipment may also be reforged to a higher base quality. Reforging equipment will increase the stats gained given each time it is enchanted. Enchantment level cannot exceed character level. As players reforge equipment, its quality will be upgraded and appearance may change also.