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For Newbies

New to Zombies Ate My Pizza? Keep getting eaten alive by festering fiends? Help is here! See below for some tips:

1. AR-47 shoots a lot bullets but it is less powerful than most manually operated guns.
2. Don’t rush against zombies, use skill combinations such as Black Hole with Iceberg followed by a Grenade to kill them!
3. Wait till you get rare equipment before enchanting it. Enchantment level resets to zero after synthesizing a piece of rare equipment. 
4. Keep changing to more powerful guns whenever you can. A lower level gun with a high enchantment will still suck compared to a higher quality gun. 
5. Don’t hesitate to buy guns in the Honor Gun Shop, because it only costs you Gold to buy a gun instead of Honor!
6. Try not to use AFK mode when you’re participating in an event because you will be rewarded with more Honor if you fight manually.
7. Save your Souls to enchant the Crossbow instead of the G-Launcher. The G-Launcher can only shoot straight in front of you.
8. Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help against dungeon Bosses. A lot of people are ready to help!
9. Joining Death Match before you reach Lvl.34 is ill advised because you may lose and earn less points.
10. If you just want to collect synthesis materials, you should use Blitz. Blitz helps you to get loot from dungeons in record time.
11. Guns with large amounts of ammunition are much more effective in battle.
12. Carefully use your souls on the most powerful guns, don’t waste them on weaker weapons.
13. It is not advised to reset the quality more than twice in the Zombie Vat because the quality may reset to Common.
14. Don’t hate on the Bulletproof Vest from the Militia Shop, it can boost HP!
15. The Bulletproof Vest can be upgraded with MC (Militia Contribution).
16. In the Arena, try to challenge an opponent who has a much lower level than you or whose level is the same as yours. It could lead to easier successive victories.
17. Remember to check the Event Center after you have spent Cheddar because you may get a lottery spin there.
18. Treasure your Runes, you may need them later.
19. The Sawgun and Sniper Rifle are very powerful guns.
20. Carry a Crossbow with you when attempting dungeons as it has a high Crit.
21. EXP Orbs may seem a little costly but they can increase your EXP in a rather short time. You will also get additional gift packs by using energy to cultivate EXP Orbs.
22. Though the Sniper Rifle is loaded with fewer bullets, it triggers Crit almost every time.
23. The most valuable items the Mysterious Merchant sells are Lvl. 1-9 Gene Diagrams. These diagrams will increase your attributes permanently!
24. When you lack materials needed to upgrade weapons, use Blitz to get them instantly. 
25. Daily Missions are very important. At lower levels, doing all of the Daily Missions will level up your character quickly. 
26. Don’t forget to click open Game Assistant to claim your devotion prize before you log out every day!
27. Don’t forget to click Snooze to gain EXP every time you log in to game!
28. Be sure to have gems socketed to your equipment because they make a big difference to your battle rating!