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Militia Events

There are various Militia events available in Zombies Ate My Pizza. After creating or joining a militia, the events offer great bonuses to the player. Lvl. 1 Militias can access the Militia Chapel and pray for free to gain Honor. Cheddar can be used to gain Honor as well as Faith, which is used to get extra Gold from dungeons and upgrade the Militia Chapel. Higher level Militia Chapels will gain more Faith. Every player can only pray once a day.

Lvl. 1 Militias can also access the Militia Shop. This special shop offers various useful materials and items which can be purchased with Militia Contribution points (MC). Goods being sold in the shop reset every 6 hours (timer begins from when player opens the Militia Shop interface).

When the Militia reaches Lvl. 3 any Lvl. 40 member can use Cheddar to begin a Militia Feast, which will reward all militia members with lots of Honor and Stamina. Extra Honor will go to the member who started the Militia Feast. The amount of extra honor received depends on how many Militia members collect the Honor. Only one Militia Feast can be held per day.

Militia Meeting is a Militia event (requires Lvl. 2 Militia) that requires at least 7 members to join together in order to win Honor and MC. When this happens they will all receive 300 Honor and 350 MC. Further meetings can be held afterwards but players can only claim rewards the first time.