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Need more Stamina? Here’s how to get it:

▪ Purchase it: Click on the “+” icon located besides the Stamina Bar to purchase Stamina. 40 Stamina costs 20 Cheddar each time, VIP players get more purchase attempts per day.
▪ Big Discount: In Level Discount under the Big Discount tab, players can purchase a 200 Stamina Pack (must be Lvl. 35) . Stamina packs may also appear in the Daily Discount tab also.
▪ Daily Missions: Complete 10 Daily Missions to be rewarded with 100 Stamina.
▪ Recover: For every 30 minutes of online time you’ll receive 5 Stamina.
▪ System Giveaway: 50 Stamina will be given out to all players every day at 12:00 and 18:00 server time.
▪ Events: Some in-game events may give out Stamina Packs as a reward.
▪ Players at VIP3 and above will be rewarded with 50 Stamina every day at 00:00.